Some useful information for the runners and for the supporters

  • DATE: February 26-27, 2022
  • LOCATION: Esport Arena (Koivu-Mankkaan tie 5, Espoo)
  • EVENT: 24 h run (at 12:00)
  • CLASSES: Men and Female
  • PARTICIPATION LIMIT: Max 140 runners, in registration order
  • REGISTRATION: Click here
  • CANCELING: In case runners cancels his participation no later than December 31, 2021, there will be 80% return of the registration fee. After that registration fee will not be returned. In case of an illness or an injury it is possible to transfer registration with a Medical Certificate for the year 2023  (in case the race will be organized). Transfer may be done only once.
  • CHANGING THE PARTICIPANT: It is possible that participation may be changed from one runner to another. There is a 10 EUR payment about handling the change.
  • COURSE: Mondo-covered indoor running track, length 390,04 m.
  • TIMING: Electric timing and online-results during the race.
  • CONTACT PERSON: Arto Ahola, tel: +358 40 513 2051
  • EMAIL:
  • ORGANIZATION: Endurance Ultrarunning Team Finland r.y.
  • Everybody participates at his/her own risk and there is no insurance for the competitors by the organizers.
  • EU Digital COVID Certificate is in use at the Endurance 24h -competition. Every runner, supporter and members of the staff are required to show an accepted EU Digital COVID Certificate when arriving at the Esport Arena.
  • Travel guidance and entry restrictions amended due to COVID-19

Updated Nov 9, 2021


Downloadable pdf-file:

Instructions for runners and supporters (pdf)

2018-22: No patron
2017: Seppo Leinonen
2016: Pauli Kiuru
2015: Mikko “Peltsi” Peltola
2014: Sari Essayah
2013: Mika Saukkonen
2012: Pentti Arajärvi
2011: Baba Lybeck
2010: Juha Mieto
2009: Alexander Stubb
2007: Lasse Virén

World Records:

Men: 309,399 km, Aleksandr Sorokin, LTU, Pabianice, 2021 (road)
Female: 270,116 km, Camille Herron, USA, Albi, 2019 (road)

European Records:

Men: 309,399 km, Aleksandr Sorokin, LTU, Pabianice, 2021 (road)
Female: 260,608 km, Malgorzata Pazda-Pozorska, POL, Pabianice, 2020 (road)

Competition Records:

Men: 253,958 km, Jari Soikkeli, FIN, 2020
Female: 241,426 km, Sumie Inagaki, JPN, 2010

Esport Arena 25.-26.2.2023

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