• (photo: Esko Anttila)

Due to covid-19 restrictions XIV Endurance 24h -competion has been postponed to the february 2022.

Registration to a Waiting List

All the registrations will be transferred automatically and all the registered runners will be contacted by email soon.

One of the most popular indoor events in ultrarunning – Endurance 24h- will be organized 14th time at Esport Arena in Espoo, Finland February 26.-27., 2022.

Maximum number of participants will be 100 runners, in registration order.


What if there are travel restrictions related to covid-19 pandemic during the competition which prevent runners from some countries to arrive in Finland?

In that case the runners, who cannot participate because of travel restrictions get their registrations transferred to a next edition of the Endurance 24h -competition.

Esport Arena 26.-27.2.2022

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